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September 17, 2007 3:59 AM
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TORONTO '07 | Catching Up: indieWIRE at the Toronto International Film Festival

Smiling for indieWIRE at the recent Toronto International Film Festival are (left to right): Festival co-director Noah Cowan, actress Ronit Elkabetz ("The Band's Visit"), director Julian Schnabel ("The Diving Bell and the Butterfly") with actresses Olatz Lopez Garmendia and Emmanuelle Seigner, and actors James McAvoy ("Atonement") and Sam Riley ("Control"). Photos by Brian Brooks and James Israel/indieWIRE

The 2007 Toronto International Film Festival came to a close on Saturday night in Canada and indieWIRE is wrapping up its coverage early this week. Our reports from Toronto include a mix of news, buzz, reviews, interviews, iPOP photos and feature articles. We invite you to check out indieWIRE's coverage from the festival.

OPENING/CLOSING: The Winners | The Lineup


DAY 8: "Two Docs, "Jihad For Love" and "Surfwise" Stir Up Traditions in Both East and West"

DAY 7: Gael x 3; Gillespie x 2

DAY 6: In Two New Films, Ball & McCarthy Examine America; Both Titles Acquired Today at TIFF

DAY 5: President Carter Talks Peace Ahead of "Plains" Premiere; Dong Brings "Hollywood" Expose

DAY 4: Blast Off: Fest Serves As Launch Pad, Igniting Buzz For New Films Hoping to Catch Fire

DAY 3: IFC "Jar City" Pact as TIFF Opens; Podeswa, Lantos Have Toronto Homecoming with "Pieces"

DAY 2: Cuban and Wagner Change Course at HDNet Films as "Redacted" Stirs Venice, Telluride and Now, Toronto

DAY 1: Eating, Drinking, and Shopping in Toronto: An indieWIRE Insiders Guide

iW VIDEO INTERVIEW: Todd Haynes & Christine Vachon ("I'm Not There")

ACQUISITIONS: "My Winnipeg" (IFC) | "Bill" (First Look) | "Joy Division" (TWC) | "Battle in Seattle" (ThinkFilm) | "George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead" (TWC) | "Nothing Is Private" (WIP) | "The Visitor" (Overture) | "Before I Forget" (Strand) | "Then She Found Me" (ThinkFilm) | "My Brother is an Only Child" (ThinkFilm) | "Jar City" (IFC)

PHOTOS: The Latest iPOP Images

Eric Kohn, Part 1: Discovery Section A Mixed Bag; "King of the Hill" and "Cocochi" Shine

Eric Kohn, Part 2: "Private," "Lars," and "Young Girls" Offer Troubled Youth; "Besieged Fortress" Doc Shows War in Nature"

Stephen Garrett, Part 1: Canadian Filmmakers Cronenberg and Maddin Shine, Greenaway Makes A Comeback with "Nightwatching"

Stephen Garrett, Part 2: Dylan, Who, Lou Reed Music Fims Rock, "Margot" Is Bittersweet, Lumet Thrills"

Michael Lerman, Midnight/Genre Films: Midnight Madness Mixed, With Duds "Sukiyaki," "Frontier(s)," Standouts "Dainipponjin" and "Inside"


Peter Carstairs: "Cinema is ultimately becoming more international."

Mark Heller: "I hope people are entertained and I want to find the movie a great home."

David Ross: "I think what really piqued my interest was the idea of people trying to separate intimacy from sex."

Paprika Steen: "I believe all desperate actions come from the loneliness inside you."

Teona Strigar Mitevska: "We filmmakers must be braver and bolder in the films we make."

Shamim Sarif: "I think movie making is a bit like childbirth - when you see the end result, you begin to forget the pain."

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