Before We Saw the Trailer, We Thought: One of the most buzzed about titles to play in this year's NEXT section at the Sundance Film Festival was Hannah Fidell's racy debut "A Teacher," starring Lindsay Burdge in a breakout performance The Hollywood Reporter praised as "commandingly internalized." In "A Teacher," Burdge plays an attractive suburban Texas high school teacher engaged in a heated affair with a male student (Will Brittain).

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And Now? Cut to a distressing minimalist score, Oscilloscope's preview is unnerving from the outset, setting up the premise within the first few frames. Centered on Burdge's committed turn captured in stark photography, the trailer calls to mind Michael Haneke's similarly themed Isabelle Huppert shocker "The Piano Teacher." The film opens theatrically September 6 and on-demand August 20.

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