Before the Trailer, We Thought: A story about a successful actor who is forced to retire at a young age because of a mental illness seems like a sort of joke for someone like James Franco, who at his young age has done more than most do in a lifetime. Still, the fact that this the film is directed by mysterious multimedia artist Carter and stars a wonderful cast including Catherine Keener and David Strathairrn has us interested. 

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And Now? Despite the somewhat campy premise, we're always interested in what James Franco will do next. "Maladies," the trailer, narrated by a voice in James' (played by James Franco) head, makes the film out to be a comedy, which just seems all the more palpable with Franco as its lead. Look out for Franco's on screen sister Fallon Goodson, twisted and hilarious in the trailer.

"Maladies" will have a limited Mar. 21 theatrical release.