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by Nigel M Smith
December 9, 2013 6:01 PM
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Trailer of the Week: Jason Bateman Bullies a Bunch of Kids via Foul Wordplay in Directorial Debut 'Bad Words'

Before the Trailer, We Thought: Critically well received upon its unveiling at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, Jason Bateman's directorial debut "Bad Words" emerged as one of the hottest buys of the festival after Focus Features nabbed worldwide rights to the hard-R comedy. 

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And Now? Focus has wisely gone down the Red Band route with their first trailer for the comedy (which opens in March) to showcase just how foul mouthed Bateman's film is.

Bateman headlines the film as a bitter thirty-something man who finds a loophole that allows him to compete in and dominate spelling bee competitions usually reserved for children. Cue to the creative, wordy put-downs. The one Bateman directs to Rachael Harris near the end of the promo is particularly memorable.


  • Sigh | December 9, 2013 6:08 PMReply

    Pretty sure 52% of the population was, once again, not considered when this script was written. And Hollywood wonders, year after year, why they're just not making money anymore. Does everything have to be for women? No. But when a script is as blatantly misogynist as this one is, it's pretty obvious that you're not going to get half of the world into those seats. And who's going out to buy the DVDs for their 12 year old boys? Who's making sure Netflix subscriptions are updated regularly? Who's bringing the whole family to the movies on Christmas? Yeah... it's not dudes. This'll probably do fine at the indie box office, but DVD sales are going to be a totally different story. And that's where it's gonna hurt a movie like this, which will need DVD sales. Hollywood is so, so blind.

  • Misogynist | December 10, 2013 2:57 PM

    They are jokes in a movie get over it. But unlike the jokes you are attempting to make points based on what you believe that are legitimately sexist and not going for a laugh. Yeah no men buy DVDs for their kids, or update netflix subscriptions (its the 21st century by the way, that is done automatically), or bring the family to the movies. Your comment shows more hate than the movie. To leave you I will give you one last tip, if someone is going for a laugh, DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.

  • Colin | December 9, 2013 8:07 PM

    Respectfully disagree. They are clearly targeting a similar audience to movies like The Hangover. I think this movie is well aware their target demographic is young men between the ages of 15 - 40. This is the sort of movie that, if it actually gets good reviews (who knows, it looks mildly amusing), will do fine VOD sales and probably cost a relative pittance to make. The mega budget films problematically spend too much time trying to be everything for everyone and that is precisely why we live in an era where anything that goes through the big studio system takes approximately zero risks. Economics and the way consumers behave dictates that it is like that. There are, however, plenty of films that are not catering to men (or the other 48% of the population) - (last I checked there were still romantic comedies that all skew heavily female, young adult lit like the Twilight series, etc.).