Before We Saw the Trailer, We Thought: Spike Jonze's latest mind-bender has been all but a mystery until now, save for those in attendance at the L.A. Film Festival who were lucky enough to catch two clips from the romance, centered on a man (played by Joaquin Phoenix) who falls for his computer operating system (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

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And Now? Recalling the melancholic and romantic tone of Michel Gondry's "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," the trailer for "Her" is a promising beauty. Following his deeply troubled turns in "The Immigrant," which played at Cannes, and last year's "The Master," it's refreshing to see Phoenix in soulful mode, playing a heartbroken man in need of a lifelong companion. Co-stars Amy Adams and Rooney Mara also make great appearances in the spot.

"Her" opens in select theaters on November 20th. Thoughts on the look of Jonze's latest?