The Invisible Woman Ralph Fiennes Felicity Jones

Before We Saw the Trailer, We Thought: Greeted with warms reviews at both the Telluride and Toronto film festivals, Ralph Fiennes' sophomore film following "Coriolanus," "The Invisible Woman," sees the thesp once again putting himself center stage, this time as legendary author Charles Dickens. Given how well that gamble paid off last time with his stellar debut, we're pretty confident he has another winner on his hands.

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And Now? For period film lovers, "The Invisible Woman" looks like a treat. The film tells the little known story behind Dickens' secret 13-year affair with his mistress, Nelly Ternan (played by "Like Crazy" breakout Felicity Jones). Fiennes and Jones appear to have great sexual chemistry, and it's fun to see Fiennes reunited on screen with his "English Patient" co-star Kristin Scott Thomas, who appears in the spot as Nelly's mother.

The film plays this week at the New York Film Festival before opening in select market December 25.