Tribeca "X/Y"

Director-star Ryan Piers Williams of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival hit "X/Y" drama sat down with Indiewire's Nigel Smith to speak about his latest feature. Their conversation, which included co-star and real-life wife America Ferrera and actor Jon Paul Phillips, is part of a series of talks hosted at two Apple Store locations. 

"X/Y" follows the sexually-charged relationships between four different New Yorkers. Amber Tamblyn and Melonie Diaz also star.

Considering the often racy subject material, Smith asked Williams about the experience being intimate on screen with Ferrera. 

"It was fine for us, you know, we're married," Williams said. "So obviously we've had sex before." Williams also added that being naked on set was part of his process.

In addition to the sex talk, Smith also asked the director and cast for advice for those aspiring to get into the industry.

"Don't ever expect it to be easy," Ferrera warned. "Because even when you've had one success it doesn't necessarily mean that the next thing you want to do will come to you easily." 

Check out the clips from the interview below, and be sure to check back on iTunes shortly for the full podcast.