"Elliot Loves" still

Crowdsourced theatrical distribution platform Tugg continues to add content to its library. The company has now partnered with TLA Releasing to bring its LGBT films to regional theaters around the country, according to Jeremy Kay at Screen International.

Oliver Hermanus’ “Beauty” and Terracino’s “Elliot Loves” are the first two movies that will tour as part of the new agreement.

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“This is an important step for queer cinema as the ever-changing film distribution landscape brings challenges,” said TLA Releasing president Derek Curl. “Tugg brings solutions with its ability to help us move forward in bringing our films to a wider audience, who will be able to demand the films they want to see in theaters.”

TLA plans to partner with organizations and festivals such as Out On Film and FilmOut to drum up awareness for films as they become available on Tugg.