New details of the first International Emerging Talent Film Festival, which will take place in the Principality of Monaco May 12 - 15 on the heels of the Festival de Cannes, were unveiled during a fest event in Berlin Monday by Marco Orsini, executive director. co-founders Noriko Bonafede, IEFTA president and Max Ryerson, the new festival's creative director. IETFF's Global Film Forum is a program that will "encourages professional filmmakers and developing countries to interact with the potential of conducting business together." The GFF seeks to provide delegates from the developing world the tools, incentives, procedures and infrastructure necessary to attract feature film production to their locales. Global Film Expression, meanwhile, will focus on education, utilizing cinema to as a "medium of personal, social and cultural expression." GFE will provide hands-on instruction on filmmaking to those who lack the resources. Outreach, scholarships and production resources will be offered to help train filmmakers in the underdeveloped and developing world and to support them in teaching and shooting in these regions. IETFF will screen 22 films from international emerging filmmakers in competition. [Brian Brooks]