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by Nigel M Smith
November 10, 2011 1:42 PM
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Video of the Day: Eric Kohn Tells the BBC Why "The Artist" Will Clean Up at the Oscars

"The Artist" The Weinstein Company.
Ever since premiering earlier this year to widespread acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, "The Artist," a nod back to the black-and-white silent film era, has been generating buzz as an Oscar front-runner.

BBC Talking Movie host Tom Brook caught up with our own Eric Kohn to get Kohn's take on why the film is the one to beat come Oscar time.

"I hate to use a cliche like 'Oscar gold," Kohn says, "but this one has it written all over it. Hollywood loves movies about itself."

Watch the report here (Kohn appears 3 minutes in).

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