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by Nigel M Smith
November 17, 2011 3:43 PM
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Video of the Day: "The Lie" Starlet Gets Her Own "E! True Hollywood Story"

oshua Leonard's "The Lie" Screen Media Films
In an odd (but very funny and effective) bit of marketing, Joshua Leonard got the cast from his directorial debut "The Lie" and some friends together to take part in a mock "E! True Hollywood Story" centered around one of the film's main players. The catch? The subject's a baby.

Sorry if we ruined the fun of this Funny Or Die video. The identity of starlet Violet Long isn't revealed until the mid-way mark. But the surprise isn't the only thing the promo has going for it. It's cannily well made and features appearances from people sure to make you chuckle like Mark Duplass and Megan Mullally.

Have a look below. Leonard's "The Lie" hits select theaters tomorrow, November 18.

E! True Hollywood Story On The Lie's Starlet Violet Long from Megan Mullally
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