Vimeo Player

Vimeo has introduced a completely rebuilt video player, which is 50% faster to load and defaults to HTML5, the company announced today. Vimeo has also added filmmaker-friendly features, including in-player transaction support for Vimeo On Demand so that Vimeo PRO members now have the option to sell their work anywhere on the web, not only on Vimeo.

"These are natural extensions of how we want to serve our audience," Vimeo's president Dae Mellencamp told Indiewire. "We're totally committed to filmmakers."

Other features of the new player include the option of adding closed captioning and translated subtitles to videos, and better sharing tools so that users can e-mail, embed and post to social networks more seamlessly. Between 65-70% of Vimeo users are non-U.S. based.

"Vimeo takes great pride knowing that creators worldwide use our platform to ensure their content is showcased in the highest-quality possible," said Vimeo's Chief Technology Officer, Andrew Pile. "Tremendous work went into developing the latest version of our player and we're excited to take a leading role in support of open web standards by defaulting to HTML5."

The changes are all part of Vimeo's ongoing effort to convince indie filmmakers, content creators and producers that Vimeo is the best way to make money from their online content. 

"Since launching the Vimeo On Demand platform last year, we've continued to add new features that empower filmmakers to sell directly to their audiences on their own terms," said Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor. "The addition of in-player transaction support allows creators even further control by making any embedded Vimeo player a point of sale, be it on a creator's own website or any page across the web."    

Look for more announcements from Vimeo soon.