by Mark Rabinowitz

Vivid Video, one of the largest producers and distributors of adult
films is partnering with Internet Entertainment Group (IEG), the
distributor of the now legendary Pamela and Tommy Lee home video, to
produce a World Wide Web-based behind-the-scenes look at the making of a
"major" adult feature film. Beginning on March 1st, the "making of"
preview of "The Mobster's Wife," a look at the life and many loves of
New Jersey gangster Vincent LaBrea begins showing on both the Vivid and
IEG web sites. The web-based event will show the film's stars off camera
as they prepare for scenes and give viewers a look at how sex scenes are
set up.

With the tremendous growth of the World Wide Web, the adult video
industry has found a potent new revenue stream, with the majority of
money-making web sites being devoted to adult-themed content.
Pornography is arguably one of the original and last remaining truly
independent film genres, and this preview is an example of the many ways
filmmakers can learn to promote their films over the internet. Of
course, most indies have far fewer "money shots" and can thus expect
less traffic to their personal web sites.

The Vivid/IEG experiment in pre-release promotion can be seen beginning
March 1st on either or
Both sites will be waiving their membership fees during the promotion.
"The Mobster's Wife" stars the largely unlikely-named cast of Lexus, Alexandra
Silk, Katie Gold, Vince Vouyer and Tony Dedeschi.