IW Project of the Week

The winning filmmaker will become a candidate for March Project of the Month. That winner will be in the running for Project of the Year.

The four projects up for this week's Project of the Week are listed below (with descriptions courtesy of the filmmakers). You can vote at the bottom of the page.

Project of the Day - From Baghdad to the Bay

From Baghdad to The Bay: An Iraqi refugee and former translator for the U.S. military wrongfully accused of espionage, tortured by the U.S., and ostracized from his family and country must rebuild his life in the United States while coming out as an openly gay man.

Project of the Day - Berlin Transgression
Berlin Transgression: Untold stories of lovelorn queens of Berlin fighting to tear down a new, invisible, wall which is the basis of our isolation.

Project of the Day - Rocketman
Rocketman: How did a dyslexic 9th grade dropout become the Wright Brothers of civilian spaceflight? Rocketman tells the story of Ky Michaelson, the first civilian to launch a rocket into space.

Project of the Day - @Bartschland
@Bartschland: A feature documentary exploring NYC culture through the influence of nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch.