With total disregard for Hollywood convention, odd-ball writer-director-musician Quentin Dupieux ("Rubber") brings another eccentric vision to the screen with "Wrong," a story about one man's journey to find his missing dog. Mind-bending and absurd in all the right ways, Jack Plotnick and the fantastic William Fichtner star in this illogical love letter to pets everywhere.

Below, watch an exclusive scene from the film (out on VOD now and opening in select theaters this Friday), featuring supporting player Mark Burnham as a cop in serious need of some social etiquette. Burnham's hilarious turn was what inspired Dupieux's follow-up to this film, "Wrong Cops," which stars both Burnham and Marilyn Manson. Shot segment-by-segment, the first chapter of "Wrong Cops" premiered at Cannes last year, with the first 45-minutes screening at Sundance this past January.