The Babadook
IFC Films "The Babadook"

Writer-director Jennifer Kent's debut feature, "The Babadook," first frightened audiences during its premiere at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and now domestic viewers can see what all the scary fuss is about in the film's new trailer. 

Australian actress Essie Davis stars as Amelia, a single mother struggling to raise her out-of-control son after the horrific death of her husband. When the monster from one of her son's disturbing storybooks begins appearing in her son's dreams, Amelia must come to terms with the fact that this creature may be after the two of them for real. 

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The trailer, full of dark shadows, flickering lights, creepy voices and more than enough jumpy scares, makes "The Babadook" look as terrifying as all of the advanced praise has suggested. Take a look below: