Set up as a sort of phallic "Big", "Bad Johnson" stars Cam Gigandet ("Twilight") as Rich, a good-looking douche bag who treats woman like crap and hates his penis for it. His life is hard. 

In the trailer we see Gigandet get dumped by yet another girlfriend (Jamie Chung), who chucks a knife at him after he cheats on her. Disappointed with himself, Rich wishes "his dick would leave him alone" in the hopes that it will make him a better person. Too bad his dick ends up being Dick, a personified and more vicious version of his member, played by comedian Nick Thune. Desperate to reattach himself with his "Bad Johnson", Rich also comes to learn the right way to treat a woman. It's a pretty obvious formula, but hopefully the human penis will bring enough laughs. 

Check out the trailer below: