Punk isn't dead after all. The iconic club CBGB may have closed in 2006, but its legacy lives on, and now a new film from director Randall Miller takes a peek back into its heyday. 

Alan Rickman stars as Hilly Kristal, the club's owner for over three decades before it shut its doors due to a rent dispute. The trailer gives us a peek inside the club's running, as well as Kristal's motivations for taking a chance on acts that couldn't get a gig anywhere else.  The rest of the characters read like a manifest of punk rock royalty, with Malin Akerman as Debbie Harry, Rupert Grint as Cheetah Chrome from The Dead Boys, Joel David Moore as Joey Ramone, Kyle Gallner as Lou Reed, Taylor Hawkins as Iggy Pop and early CBGB performer Sting's daughter Mickey Sumner as Pattie Smith. Check out the trailer below. The film opens October 11th.