"Cups" music video
UME Direct "Cups" music video

From movie to radio single to music video, Anna Kendrick's "Cups," her a cappella hit from last year's "Pitch Perfect," has become a cultural entity of its own. In the film, Kendrick's Beca sings the song "When I'm Gone," a cover of Lulu and the Lampshades' "You're Gonna Miss Me," along with the band's now-famous cup-slap technique.

In the video Kendrick doesn't play Beca from "Pitch Perfect"'s Beca, but is a young girl stuck working in a small town diner dreaming of escaping. While looking up at travel posters, Kendrick rolls out dough and cuts out circles with, of course, a cup -- cute and clever, but a bit saccharine. But no, the cups don't stop there! The original a cappella track, now accompanied by a Mumford and Sons-esque guitar, plays as a flour-covered Kendrick sings and walks around the restaurant while every customer does the little cup jig.

The video is cute and fun as the entire restaurant flips and slaps their cups in sync, but not quite so-cheesy-it's-good, unless perhaps you're a 14 year-old-girl or a diehard "Pitch Perfect" fan. Yet with the popularity of the film and song, this video may just mark the beginning of a music career for Ms. Kendrick. After all her voice isn't bad, but let's hope the cup thing dies out.

Check out the music video below.