"Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out"
TIFF "Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out"

Director Marina Zenovich's award-winning 2008 documentary "Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired" shed new light on the infamous saga of Polanski's sexual abuse case and his escape from Swiss house arrest. Now, Zenovich revisits the case with a follow-up film, "Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out," premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, which launches tomorrow.

The new installment documents Polanski's successful legal battle to gain his freedom after 30 years, and examines how his and Samantha Geimer's lives have been irrevocably altered.

Indiewire has an exclusive clip from the highly-anticipated film. The clip foregrounds the controversy faced by the Los Angeles D.A. Office as this fascinating case ensued across three continents, in light of the heat caused by Zenovich's 2008 film.

"Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out" will premiere in Toronto on Friday, September 7.

Watch the exclusive clip below: