Magnolia Pictures has finally released a trailer for "Life Itself" - the highly anticipated documentary tribute to the beloved late film critic Roger Ebert.

Given the fact that the film premiered at Sundance back in January to rave reviews, it's about time Magnolia released a trailer. Marketing strategies aside Ebert's memory belongs just as much to filmgoers as it does to the film industry.

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Directed by Steve James, "Life Itself" features interviews with Ebert's widow, Chaz, Martin Scorsese, Werner Herzog, Errol Morris and Ava Duvernay. As filming began before his death, Ebert not only appears in archive footage, but also footage shot by James specifically for the film.

In a clip towards the end of the trailer, Werner Herzog says, "He's a soldier of cinema, who cannot even speak anymore and he plows on, and that touches my heart very deeply." Ours too Mr. Herzog - it touches our hearts too.

"Life Itself" will be released on iTunes, OnDemand and in theaters on July 4.