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by Chris Pomorski
December 5, 2012 11:40 AM
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Watch: Angry Alien Gives Chase Through Industrial Maze in Trailer for 'Storage 24' (VIDEO)

If public storage facilities in London are anything like Manhattan Mini Storage, no one need introduce monsters to their innumerable identical aisles to produce terror in patrons. In "Storage 24," though, the management doesn't seem to be responsible for the "mystery predator" stalking the corridors.

Unbeknownst to Charlie and Shelly (Noel Clarke and Antonia Campbell-Hughes) -- who have gone with friends to Storage 24 to divide their belongings after a breakup -- a military plane carrying top-secret cargo has crashed nearby, leaving its contents largely unaccounted for. An enormous steel shipping container yawns ominously, and before long Charlie, Shelly and co. are on the run, trapped in a labyrinth with a creature that tears sheet metal like aluminum foil and shrieks like a Velociraptor.

Whatever the protagonists' ultimate fate, the creature, which appears to have extra-terrestrial origins, might just drum up some audience sympathy. After all, if your first glimpse of life on Earth were a hip young couple bickering over linens in a storage locker, you'd be pretty miffed, too.

"Storage 24" will be available on iTunes Dec. 6, and it opens in limited theatrical release Jan. 11.

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