Bret Easton Ellis, who penned "The Canyons," is no stranger to psychological thriller territory, but his new short film "Are You Okay" is certainly a bit removed from his past work.

Written by Ellis and directed by acclaimed music video directors Ben and Alex Brewer (collectively known as "Brewer"), the short film/music video features the new single "Are You Okay?" by Dum Dum Girls and follows a psychologically disturbed young woman played by singer/guitarist Dee Dee Palmer.

In an interview with Vice's music channel Noisey, Palmer cited "Dressed to Kill" by Brian De Palma (referred to as "De Palmer") as an inspiration before the film turned into something more original. That's certainly true, but the video plays less like "Dressed to Kill" by the "American Psycho" scribe and more like "Dressed to Kill" as directed by Shane Carruth. The odd, atmospheric short is available in full below.