Don't you just hate it when someone checks their phone during a movie, or worse, answers a call? Well, so does Julie Delpy.

In a hilarious new PSA courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, "Before Midnight" stars Delpy and Ethan Hawke get creative in their plea to tell you to turn your phone off before a movie. In the midst of what appears to be a scene from the third film in the "Before Sunrise" series, the two gab on as their characters do, before Delpy just can't take it anymore and breaks the fourth wall to cuss out (in French, no less) someone on the phone. Funny stuff. 

The Drafthouse is big on their no-texting rule.  They made a hilarious PSA after an irate customer called them after getting kicked out and have enlisted stars like James Franco before the "Before Midnight" duo to explain why texting at the movies is so annoying.

"Before Midnight" is now in theaters. Watch the PSA below: