American Hustle Bradley Cooper Christian Bale

Christmas Day may seem far away, but we're getting an early look at one of our presents now. David O. Russell's "American Hustle" -- his hotly-anticipated follow-up to "Silver Linings Playbook" -- has its first trailer, and while it's (thankfully) light on plot, there's plenty of goodies within. 

The nearly two-minute spot starts with Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale discussing a piece of art that may or may not be a forgery and whether or not its authenticity matters. Viewers may need to watch the clip twice to grasp any sort of plot considering, a) there isn't much to be had, and b) the style of this 70s-set caper film is overwhelming. We've all seen pictures of Cooper's perm and Bale's comb over, but the preview also features a few different looks from a stunning Jennifer Lawrence -- including a wild up-do paired with a revealing fur coat -- and our first good look at Jeremy Renner sporting an unkempt mane of brown hair. Sadly, there's no Robert De Niro or Louis C.K. to be seen, but Russell & Co. had to hold something back for Trailer #2.

Style is what's on display here, and there's plenty of it. We're bound to hear more about the film's story before its wide release on Christmas Day (limited on December 13), but for now take a couple minutes to enjoy the mise en scene in Russell's Led Zeppelin-scored trailer.