With his resume, cover letter, jelly beans and copy of "Monkeybone" in hand, Brendan Fraser is off to win the hearts of his fans via Kickstarter. Or at least he is in this new video from The Onion.

America's Finest News Source is once again taking aim at the crowdfunding site. Kickstarter's track record -- some with happy endings (we're looking at you, "Veronica Mars" and Zach Braff), others not so much -- has made it one of the web's most buzzed about sites, not to mention an easy target for publications like The Onion. Case in point, their latest faux-news story, starring a dumbed down Brendan Fraser with a regrettably small grasp for how crowdfunding operates. The story follows Fraser's misguided media blitz as he attempts to fund a nameless, plot-less project that he promises will be "a good, fun movie." Were the project real, we only hope it would be of the same caliber as "Monkeybone." Watch below: