Chris Evans just might end up joining Bruce Willis and Jason Statham into the pantheon of strapping action heroes at this rate, as he follows his heroic role of Captain America with another action-packed thriller, director Bong Joon-Ho's "Snowpiercer."

"Snowpiercer" tells the story of a dystopian future where global warming has destroyed almost all life on Earth, with the few humans who remain residing in a train that circles the planet to avoid the deadly cold outside. 

As the trailer implies, it isn't long before tension and chaos grow between all those on the train -- especially given the class systems that dictate who gets the better end of the deal -- leading to a riveting battle between the upper-class (led by Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton) and the lower-class (led by Evans) as they fight for control of the titular train.

"Snowpiercer" opens June 27th. Check out the trailer below: