Need a good Friday laugh? Luckily, Thundershorts is here to bring the funny with all new episodes of its original short-form comedy series'. Check out a compilation of all of this week's new clips below and catch up on everything Thundershorts has to offer at their website

Editor's note: SnagFilms is Indiewire's parent company 

"American Viral," Episode 5 - "Paging Dr. Giggles"
When Roger learns that his YouTube nemesis, Tommy Dibs, has dethroned the Busks as the #1 YouTube family with a video of his drugged up son, he makes a drastic decision.

"Teachers Lounge," Episode 5 - "Dave Attell"
School photographer Dave Attell turns the Teachers Lounge into his own private studio on picture day.

"Don't Walk," Episode 7 - "Which Hood?"
Lost and without a phone, Phil tries to get directions from two hipsters who can’t agree on where they are.

"Teacher's Lounge," Episode 6 - "Michael Che"
Ted discovers he has a challenger for Faculty President: Michael Che.

"Augie, Alone," Episode 9 - "Fame"
Augie changes his show to get internet famous.