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Watch: Composer Parry Gripp is 'The Luckiest Guy in Jollywood,' Talks Music of Disney's 'The 7D'

Photo of Brandon Latham By Brandon Latham | Indiewire July 2, 2014 at 11:53AM

Brought in to craft the music for Disney's "The 7D", including opening score, for the new series is Parry Gripp, most known for novelty and satire jingles.

Where there was once "Buzz Lightyear: Star Command," Disney Channel is ready to launch two new spin off children's series. "The Lion Guard," which picks up where "The Lion King" left off when it airs late in 2015, and "The 7D," a re-imagination of Snow White's seven little friends, which launches next week. Brought in to craft the music, including the opening score, for the new series is Parry Gripp, best known for novelty and satire jingles.

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With smash hits like "Spaghetti Cat," "Do You Like Waffles" and "Hamster on a Piano," Gripp was the obvious choice to provide the soundtrack to the fantasy program. Set in the land of Jollywood which is ruled over by the Delightful Queen, "The 7D" reprises the characters from Walt Disney's landmark 1937 film for a whole new audience on Disney Junior. 

In the top video, Gripp talks about his process, saying that the music for "The 7D" more or less wrote itself. At the bottom is a sneak peak at the opening title sequence. "The 7D" premieres on Disney Channel on July 7.

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