Steve McQueen and Alfonso Cuaron
Steve McQueen and Alfonso Cuaron

In a video interview with Indiewire, three directors and a writer of some of the best movies in 2013 speak about working with the actors in their films.

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Ron Howard ("Rush"), Steve Coogan ("Philomena"), Steve McQueen ("12 Years A Slave") and Alfonso Cuaron ("Gravity") all who have been awards contenders throughout the year, express their appreciation for the actors of which without they couldn't have made their films. McQueen explains how he could not have envisioned any other actor in the lead role and Howard elaborates on the easy chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl.

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Over the last two months, we've featured many of the awards season's best actors and directors, as selected by Indiewire editors, and honored them with original photography by Daniel Bergeron and video shot by our partners at Movies On Demand. Check out all of them here