It's hard to believe that we're wrapping up a year where so many unbelievable films were released. To honor these achievements in film making, Indiewire decided to interview four of the masterminds behind some of this years' greatest films. 

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Writer/actor Steve Coogan ("Philomena"), director Steve McQueen ("12 Years a Slave"), director Ron Howard ("Rush") and writer Jonas Cuaron ("Gravity") discuss how they developed the ideas that would later become some of the best films of 2013. Steve Coogan and Steve McQueen, for example, were both inspired by stories they had read in a newspaper and book respectively. 

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Over the last two months, we've featured many of the awards season's best actors and directors, as selected by Indiewire editors, and honored them with original photography by Daniel Bergeron and video shot by our partners at Movies On Demand. Check out all of them here.