The Prestige David Bowie
"The Prestige"

Forging into new and slightly eccentric territory is the Instagram account aptly dubbed "InstaMiniSeries." Capped at 15 seconds as per Instagram limitations, the account creates original programming on social media accounts. This idea could be the new pioneer for the future of social media and original content, despite the fact that the total series' length will only be slightly over two minutes long. 

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The series titled "UNBOUND: A Blackstar InstaMiniseries" written by Nikki Borges and Carolynn Cecilia is inspired by David Bowie since the producers got early access to his album before his death. Although the first episode does not offer a lot, it sets a cryptic and slightly off-putting tone that is enough to convince viewers to follow the rest of the series — you know, for those precious two minutes — which stars Borges, Tavi Gevinson, Patricia Clarkson and others. 

"UNBOUND" will release new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, featuring 16 in total. Watch the first episode below. 

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