David Lynch wants to share his knowledge. The noted "Twin Peaks" director and devoted Transcendental Meditation practitioner is teaching students at the David Lynch MA in Film program at The Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. And he is giving away tidbits of wisdom in 10-second clips -- or at least one of them. During last weekend’s David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee event at the Whole Foods Market in West Hollywood, CA, Lynch fans got the chance to meet the director and taste his fairly traded line of organic coffee.

Fan (and "Rakenrol" filmmaker) Quark Henares attended the event and got a chance to ask the director for some filmmaking advice. Henares captured the moment on Instagram and now you can see it for yourself. In short (and there's really no other choice on Instagram), Lynch advises, "Be true to yourself. Don't take no for an answer. And start your Transcendental Meditation."

Watch the video below: