READ MORE: Andrew Dice Clay Reinvents Himself as Himself in 'Dice' Poster

If you were club-jumping in the '80s, then there's no need to explain who Andrew Dice Clay is, was or who he's become today. But for the younger generation of TV fans, the first comic to sell out Madison Square Garden is more than just that funny guy from "Blue Jasmine." He's a controversial entertainment figure to the nth degree, and he's about to get back in action via everyone's favorite resurfacing platform: television.

The upcoming Showtime comedy "Dice" tracks the Brooklyn comic as he tries to make a comeback in Las Vegas. Described as a "semi-autobiographical" story, the six-episode series was created by Scot Armstrong ("Old School") and aims to shine a light on a version of "The Diceman" we've never seen before.

Watch the trailer below and check out "Dice" when it premieres Sunday, April 10 at 9:30pm on Showtime, VOD and Showtime's streaming service.

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