Errol Morris

What's the use of voting? Is my one vote really going to matter?

That's the perennial lament among many young people. So Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol Morris ("The Fog of War," "The Thin Blue Line") has teamed with the New York Times' Op-Docs intitiative to make the new film "11 Excellent Reasons Not to Vote?"

Though the title implies a celebration of abstention, Morris is, for the most part, only being tongue-in-cheek about how unimportant Americans' democratic civil duty really is. One young woman gives Morris a zinger back when he suggests that we shouldn't vote because we could get killed on the road on the way to our polling place. A young man, recently naturalized, is excited to vote for the first time. Another man, whose grandmother wasn't able to vote until the passing of the 15th Amendment, when she was 43, votes in honor of her.

Morris, a master of levity and gravity, shows off both in this essential viewing for election season.