This exclusive clip from long awaited indie tearjerker "Lullaby" showcases the the lighter side of this emotional family tale. In "Lullaby," Garrett Hedlund -- fresh off of indie hit "Inside Llewyn Davis" -- plays Jonathan, who reconnects with his family for the worst reasons: His father, played by the iconic Richard Jenkins, is going to be removed from life support. "Lullaby" co-stars Amy Adams as Jonathan's love interest, Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson as a no-nonsense nurse, Terrence Howard as a very personal doctor. Anne Archer and Jessica Brown-Findlay round out the rest of Jonathan's family.

This clip features Brown-Findlay and Hudson engaging in some frustrated banter. The film is said to carry its heavy material with an indie feel, adding light moments to the dark story. Here, Hudson's character makes the audience smile for a second by telling off Jonathan and his sister before proudly marching down the hall. 

"Lullaby" is the directorial debut of actor and fine artist Andrew Levitas, and is being distributed by ARC Entertainment. It is set to be released theatrically and to iTunes on July 13.