"The Flat"
IFC Films "The Flat"

In the emotional and riveting documentary "The Flat," winner of the Best Editing award at the Tribeca Film Festival, director Arnon Goldfinger travels back to Tel Aviv to clear out his deceased grandmother's flat and in the process discovers long-buried family secrets stemming from her life in Nazi Germany. The film opens at New York's IFC Center Friday, Oct. 18, and we have an exclusive scene.

Below, Goldfinger opens up about what the scene he selected to share with Indiewire readers means to him:

"One of the fundamental decisions during the editing process was to try and convey the events as I experienced them. I wanted the story to unfold in a linear way. This scene is the only point throughout the film where we did not follow that editing strategy and we decided to flashback. My approach was for the viewers to realize the unbelievable experience I felt learning my family had this connection to the Holocaust. My perception of my grandparents' past started to be changed completely from that moment on. The most unbearable fact was that I had to travel so far to receive such shocking news from a stranger."

And here's the scene:

Here's the film's trailer: