"Love, Marilyn"

Relying heavily on newly-unearthed personal writings and rare archival footage, Liz Garbus' "Love, Marilyn" constructs a nuanced mosaic of the mysterious inner life of the famous actress by enlisting an array of modern stars (including Marisa Tomei, Glenn Close, Viola Davis, Elizbabeth Banks and Lindsay Lohan) for dramatic readings from Monroe's unpublished diaries. The film opens November 30 in New York at Film Forum, and will be released on HBO in 2013. Indiewire has the exclusive trailer for the documentary.

In his rave review out of Telluride, where the film world premiered last Fall, Eric Kohn wrote: "Attempts to explore Monroe's off-screen persona in narrative form, including last year's 'My Week With Marilyn' and Nicolas Roeg's 'Insignificance,'tend to embellish on the actress' personality by nature of their interpretative format. 'Love, Marilyn' achieves greater clarity by letting the actress lead the way. As her struggle congeals, the collection of performances gain a strong justification: For over a decade, the actress battled to reconcile her public image with her true self. Sifting through the many faces that play her in 'Love, Marilyn,' so must we."

Watch the exclusive trailer below: