Grinning Man Media Group has given Indiewire the first look at their feature film "Scrapper," premiering at the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival, and inspired by filmmaker Brady Hall's home renovation. While renovating his home, Hall came across individuals asking to collect scrap metal. His curiosity about these men and their lives led him to create the film.

The movie centers on Hollis Wallace (Michael Beach), who survives off the collection of scrap metals cast off by others. He has a sick mother who he tries to support with the money made from 'scrapping' and spends most of his time alone, until a chance encounter with a runaway teen named Swan (Anna Giles). The two form a friendship as they become partners in scrap collection until their individual lives create a strain that might make them part ways for good.

The film premieres in Seattle on May 21st.

Get a look at the trailer below: