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Exclusive: Questlove, Alan Cumming and Moby Go Into the Woods in 'The Being Experience' Film Series Trailer

Photo of Casey Cipriani By Casey Cipriani | Indiewire June 13, 2013 at 11:54AM

It appears that Questlove is slightly afraid of the woods.
"The Being Experience"
"The Being Experience"

It appears that Questlove is slightly afraid of the woods.

In this exclusive trailer for Jennifer Elster's film series "The Being Experience," actors and musicians like Alan Cumming, Terrence Howard, Moby, Rufus Wainwright and others venture out into nature to explore their subconscious. 

The majority of the trailer focuses on "...In the Woods," the film series in which Elster's subjects are both literally and figuratively unaware of their path. Each of them have different reactions to the sudden natural setting. Moby and Howard reflect on their inner selves, while Wainwright and Questlove sound thoroughly unamused with wandering through the forest. 

The first installment from the series premieres on Jun 25 on "The Being Experience" website. Other films in the series include "...Into the Cave," "In My Mirror," "The Mill," "Concrete Underground" and "But We Are Home". 

In addition to the celebs in the trailer, "...In the Woods" also features Dave Matthews, Famke Janssen, Rosie Perez, Marlo Thomas and more with original vocalizations by Yoko Ono. Maybe that's what Questlove heard out there...

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