A new, all-revealing teaser clip has been released for Lenny Abrahamson's irreverent comedy "Frank." Starring Fassbender as Frank, the eccentric titular character and leader of the band who wears a large papier-mâché head throughout the film, as well as a supporting cast featuring Scoot McNairy, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Domhnall Gleeson, the film has screened to positive reviews. 

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In the clip, a young musician (Gleeson) talks to Frank about his strange habit. As it turns out, it was a very simple decision to live behind the larger-than-life mask. "Normal faces are weird too. The way they're smooth, smooth, smooth and then blah -- all bumpy and holes. I mean, what are eyes like? Like a science fiction movie. Don't get me started on lips. Like the edges of a very serious wound."

Read our Sundance review of "Frank" and check out the clip below before the film's August 22nd release.