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Watch: 'Frozen' Star Kristen Bell Sings for Minimum Wage in Funny or Die's 'Mary Poppins Quits'

Photo of Liz Shannon Miller By Liz Shannon Miller | Indiewire July 24, 2014 at 12:29PM

Bell plays Mary Poppins in a short that invokes the Disney classic while pushing the message of increasing the American federal minimum wage.

Kristen Bell's face is beloved by TV fans after her work as the titular "Veronica Mars," and her excellent singing voice is beloved by girls under the age of 13 after her performance as Anna in "Frozen." Here, they come together for a Funny or Die short that invokes the Disney classic "Mary Poppins" while pushing the message of increasing the American federal minimum wage. 

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It's a distinctly political message, but no matter your specific leanings, the recreation's quality is almost completely flawless: You'd think that Funny or Die had traveled back in time to abduct the original child actors. And the banners and buttons Mary Poppins waves about in the name of her cause offer up a reminder that the original film has a political bent of its own -- Mrs. Banks, the childrens' mother, needs a nanny because she's busy fighting for woman's suffrage. (Votes for women? It'll never catch on.)  

Watch below, if only to see Kristen Bell get a little flirty with... well, Kristen Bell. 

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