The dreamy "Palo Alto," directed by Gia Coppola and based on the short stories by James Franco, was a surprisingly insightful look at the formative years of a group of California teens. The film also looked beautiful (thanks to DP Autumn Durald), sounded great and boasted fantastic performances by its young cast. To get a glimpse out how everything came together, VICE has released a behind-the-scenes video, directed by Coppola's mother, the costume designer Jacqui Getty. 

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"Palo Alto" explores the lives of a group of teenage characters who are being raised in the San Francisco 'burb. There's Emma Roberts' character, who finds herself in a romantic entanglement with her soccer coach, played by the oh-too-creepy Franco, and then there's Jack Kilmer (son of Val), who struggles to maintain a friendship with a destructive Nat Wolff. 

In the video, we get a sweet take on how Coppola first became interested in high school culture, a peek at Franco's yearbook and a look at Kilmer's real-life bedroom, which was used in the film too.

Check it all out below.