'Flying Lessons" Poster

No stranger to traumatized characters, Maggie Grace ("Taken," "Lost") appears in the new trailer for Derek Magyar's "Flying Lessons" as 25-year-old Sophie Conway, a young woman who returns, her life a shambles, to the small town where she grew up. As she grapples--aided by more than a few drinks--with the tug of nostalgia and the disappointments of frustrated dreams, Sophie tries to sort out relationships with her mother (Christine Lahti) and an old lover (Jonathan Tucker) who still carries an ardent flame.

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Having stormed from several rooms, shed a river of tears and rejected the sympathetic overtures of family and friends, Sophie seems, by trailer's end, to find some measure of solace as she resolves to wipe her slate clean. The precise sources of Sophie's unhappiness remain unidentified in this brief clip, but her redemption looks to hinge on an unusual relationship with the elderly Harry Pleasant (Hal Holbrook), a former sheriff suffering from dementia with whom she finds unexpected common ground.

"Flying Lessons" is available now on VOD and opens in theaters December 7.