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Watch: In Depth Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

By Luke Slattery | Indiewire March 3, 2014 at 12:55PM

Watch the In-Depth tribute to Phillip Seymour Hoffman and revel in his singular, irreplaceable skill.

After Philip Seymour Hoffman's unexpected death last month, one thing was certain: we had lost one of the greatest actors of our time. At the 86th Oscars, I'm sure he was a lingering presence in the back of everyone's mind, a titan that embodied excellence in the art and craft of acting. Whether or not he was an addict or simply paying the price of disappearing into characters who had trouble living with themselves, it's not for us to prognosticate about his demons.

Instead, watch the In-Depth tribute below and honor Hoffman's memory by reveling in his singular, irreplaceable skill. The tribute, skillfully edited by Caleb Slain, includes segments from all 47 of Hoffman's film. Slain put in over 200 hours of work and the result speaks for itself. 

P.S. Hoffman (A Tribute) from Caleb Slain on Vimeo.

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