A haunting new trailer has been released for "Blue Sniper," a thriller from first-time feature director Alexandre Moors and first-time feature screenwriter R.F.I. Porto. Inspired by the Beltway Snipers rampage of 2002, "Blue Caprice" takes viewers back into the tension and horrors that plagued the Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland areas over a decade ago.

Isaiah Washington plays John Allen Muhammed, the elder perpetrator of the massacre, with Tequan Richmond as Lee Boyd Malvo, the young man that Muhammed lured into an elaborate plot. Altering a former police car, a blue Chevrolet Caprice, the duo set out along and around Interstate 95 picking off victims one by one with Malvo shooting out a hole carved in the trunk. The trailer suggests the film embraces an ambiance of tension and dread while exploring the bizarre father-son relationship that the two men shared before committing the heinous murders.

"Blue Caprice" premiered at Sundance this year and hits theaters Sept. 3. Watch the trailer below.