Are you gearing up for the big "console war," the so-called battle between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4? "South Park" recently poked fun at the supposed showdown in the show's latest episode, "Black Friday" (which you can watch here) and it seems that tech reporters are predicting the winner on a daily basis.

Now the team at Machinima have envisioned a universe in which the console wars are a real battle in "The Console War," a video featuring Xbox One, with help from Master Chief of "Halo" fame, and PlayStation 4, with an assist from Kratos of the "Gods of War" game series, battle for supremacy using laser beams, guns, missiles and even mini-nuclear weapons.

"In a distant empire ruled by consoles, an apocalyptic war unfolds. The fate of the world lies in a single battle between the XB-01 and the PX-04: the ultimate technological monstrosities of the console era.... or are they" reads the description of the video over at Machinima's YouTube page.

Machinima teamed with Dolby to show how production values (specifically high quality audio) can make a real difference in producing powerful content. You can experience the video in 5.1 DOLBY virtual surround sound  -- and compare the difference between audio with and without Dolby Digital Plus -- on the Dolby website. Watch "The Console War" below and then check out Machinima's behind-the-scenes video.

Watch the video below. Who do you think will come out on top?