James Franco Samsung

Last year, when R.E.M. released their final album, they announced that James Franco would be making two videos for songs off of the "Collapse Into Now" album.

Some time later, Franco's video for "Blue," which features Patti Smith on vocals, has just been released. 

The video is a kaleidoscope of aerial and street-level videos of the City of Angels.  It also features footage of a Terry Richardson photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan, which Pitchfork reminds us could be evidence that Franco is, indeed, making a film about Lohan and that Richardson, Lohan and Franco are making a sex book together.  Pitchfork, it seems, hangs around different rumor mills and water coolers than we do...but sure, those sound like great additions to Franco's rapidly accumulating oeuvre of bizarre art projects.

For now, a hazy view of Los Angeles under the direction of Mr. Franco with vocal accompaniment by Michael Stipe and Patti Smith, will have to do.