Apparently never taking a moment off, Jason Bateman has two new releases coming this September, right on the heels of his debut directing effort "Bad Words." Before the awards-bait dramedy "This Is Where I Leave You" hits on September 19th, we'll get "The Longest Week," in which he co-stars alongside Billy Crudup, Olivia Wilde and Jenny Slate, the first follow up to her star-making performance in "Obvious Child." 

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Bateman's wealthy lead finds himself on the outs after his parents divorce, and his fall is slowed by an old buddy, Dylan played by Crudup, who offers to help him out. All of this seems to be going fine until girls get involved (obviously). He falls for Dylan's girlfriend (Wilde) and struggles to keep his intentions secret from his friend and his depleted wallet secret from her. Jenny Slate plays a friend of Dylan's that he tries to pair with Bateman's Conrad. 

Written and directed by Peter Glanz, based on Galnz's own short "The Four Day Relationship" which screened at Sundance 2007, "The Longest Week" is being distributed by Gravitas and will hit theaters on September 5th.