"The Giant Mechanical Man"
Tribeca Film "The Giant Mechanical Man"

Ahead of its world premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, the trailer for Jenna Fischer's latest vehicle "The Giant Mechanical Man" has landed, and it looks pretty darn endearing.

In the Tribeca Films release, "The Office" star plays Janice, a woman in her 30s struggling to learn how to properly navigate adulthood. To get her life back on track after getting fired from her job, she moves in with her overbearing sister (Malin Ackerman) and seeks out a self-help guru (Topher Grace, sporting a new-age wig). Chris Messina plays Janice's love interest, Tim (this is a romantic comedy, after all), a street performer trying to catch a break.

The film, from first-time director Lee Kirk (Fischer's husband), premieres at Tribeca on April 23. Expect to see it in theaters and on VOD this spring.